Appointment Request

✨ Thank you so much for your interest in getting tattooed by me! Please read my FAQ before sending your email. I do NOT do coverups or fine line/minimal tattoos. I charge $175-$250/hr and have a minimum of $200. ✨

To request an appointment, please send an email to with ALL of the following info:

  1. Name/pronouns (if you wish to share)
  2. Phone number
  3. Detailed description of what you'd like to get
  4. Location on your body (be specific- left/right, inner/outer, etc)
  5. Approximate size in inches ("medium" is not a size)
  6. Reference photos
  7. Budget if you have one (optional)
  8. Days and times you're typically available

I usually reply to requests within a week or two, so keep an eye on your inbox/spam folder. If your idea is not up my alley I can recommend another artist. Thanks again!