What days do you work?

I usually work every Mon/Tues/Fri/Sat from 11-7.

What are your rates?

I charge $150-180/hr depending on the piece and location, and have a minimum of an hour. 

Do you do consultations?

Most of the time we can figure everything out through email. Some pieces (like sleeves or cover-ups) will require an in-person consultation.

When are you available?

I'm usually booked out for about two months, but try not to book out any more than three months at a time. Keep an eye on my Instagram stories for random openings!

Do I need to leave a deposit?

To make your appointment official I will need a $100 non-refundable deposit within a week which goes towards the price of the tattoo. I need at least 48 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule, otherwise you forfeit your deposit and will need to leave a new one. If you no call/no show me, then I suggest you find a new artist.

Do you tattoo minors with parental consent?

Nope! You need to be at least 18! You can make an appointment if you're underage, but you need to be 18 by the time it comes around.

Can I see my drawing ahead of time?

I don't send out my drawings ahead of time because I usually draw everything up the day before. If you need to make any changes we can make them at the time of your appointment. People get the best tattoos from me when they put their trust in me after looking at my portfolio and deciding they like my work. If you have certain design elements that you need to have then please let me know ahead of time! 

What kind of tattoos do you like to do?

I love to do illustrative and neo-traditional style: flowers, lady heads, animals/birds/reptiles/insects, witchy stuff (crystals, tarot cards, wands/brooms, planchettes, potions, sigils, etc), spooky stuff (bats, cats, pumpkins, moths, ghosts, monsters, etc), daggers/swords, and stylized portraits of pets and celebs. I'm always down for mandalas and ornamental pieces, as well as super fancy script. I also post flash I'd like to tattoo in my Instagram highlights! 

What will you not tattoo?

I don't do realism, watercolor, fine-line/dainty, landscapes, architectural/mechanical, confederate flags/racist symbols, group tattoos (at least during the pandemic), or complicated cover-ups. 

My friend/another artist drew this. Will you tattoo it?

I do not copy other people's tattoos, but I can recreate illustrations as long as permission is granted by the original artist.

Can you get a color tattoo if you’re Black or have a dark complexion? What is a color test and/or do you do them?

As an experienced tattooer I can definitely help you pick colors that will look nice with your skin tone, but sometimes getting a color test first may help you feel more comfortable with choosing to get a color tattoo.

A color test is a series of tattooed dots or lines in the colors of your choosing. They are used to help determine what colors will heal nicely in your skin. Keep in mind the ink will look different depending on location on the body, how healed it is, and how much sun you've gotten recently.

If you’re not sure what colors would work well on your skin tone and would like a free color test, just shoot me an email and we can set something up!